My home practice…Yoga with a belly Part 1-Some common questions, answered

Keeping up or starting a yoga practice during pregnancy has numerous benefits and just plain feels amazing (particularly the side bends…oooooh so lovely!).  However, there are some questions that commonly come up for practitioners regarding the safety vs. danger of certain types of poses during these wondrous 40 weeks. Thought I’d share some great articles answering what areContinue reading “My home practice…Yoga with a belly Part 1-Some common questions, answered”

My home practice… journey to Hanumanasana

I remember my first time well…It was my second year of yoga practice and I just had made the jump to the intermediate level classes.  One of my favorite and most influential yoga teachers ever, Malissa Larson, had led us through a strong sequence and now we were down on the mat holding a niceContinue reading “My home practice… journey to Hanumanasana”