Birth education

Passage Birth Education

Passage Birth education will cover:

  • Anatomy of late pregnancy
  • Getting relief from common pregnancy discomforts
  • Movement and nutrition for optimal pregnancy and birth
  • Labor process
  • Hormones of labor
  • Comfort measures, techniques, and strategies for labor
  • Common birth interventions and medications, including epidural
  • Cesarean Birth
  • Postpartum planning

Class format

Birth education at Passage includes a current, convenient, and comprehensive online learning tool which you can complete at your own pace in the comfort of your own space. With videos, interactive learning, useful mobile apps and trackers, and email access for private questions, the online material will remain active for 9 months.

A group class after you’ve completed the online learning will then be offered to get hands on experience with safe prenatal exercises, comfort techniques and relaxation/breathing/mindfulness techniques for labor, and development of your individualized birth preferences and postpartum plan.