Postpartum care packages

At Passage, we believe in “mothering the mother”; that by putting new parents at the center of our care, they can intuitively and naturally provide the best care to their baby. The postpartum time is like a time between worlds. No longer the same person as prior to pregnancy and still becoming someone new in relationship and responsibility to the newborn baby with altered routines and roles and disrupted sleep. The first 1-3 months after your baby arrives is a transformative time with change and reorganizing occurring on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Observing a period of rest and healing after birth can take many forms. Some important elements to consider are staying in bed, eating nourishing food and warm drinks, refraining from household tasks and chores, allowing help from loving friends and family, and caring for your postpartum body. Having a postpartum plan in place will promote bonding and breastfeeding, optimize healing, nurture the mother, baby, and new family, while allowing for rest and recovery.

Care packages

  • Option 1: In home prenatal visit to create your individualized postpartum plan + in hospital visit + 40 hours of care
  • Option 2: In home prenatal visit to create your individualized postpartum plan + 40 hours of care
  • Option 3: Invest in the number of hours/week of your choosing

A Passage postpartum care package will combine traditional doula care with lactation consultation. Additionally, as a Registered Nurse and Yoga Teacher, I have a deep knowledge base to draw upon which will be woven into our time together.