My home practice…Yoga with a belly Part 1-Some common questions, answered

Keeping up or starting a yoga practice during pregnancy has numerous benefits and just plain feels amazing (particularly the side bends…oooooh so lovely!).  However, there are some questions that commonly come up for practitioners regarding the safety vs. danger of certain types of poses during these wondrous 40 weeks. Thought I’d share some great articles answering what areContinue reading “My home practice…Yoga with a belly Part 1-Some common questions, answered”

My home practice…The Squat

As a pregnant lady, I’ve been bombarded with the instruction to do my Kegel exercises.  Now, protection of my pelvic floor is something that interests me greatly, since pregnancy has been blamed for weakening its muscles- causing things like urinary incontinence (a.k.a. leaking pee) and pelvic organ prolapse (a.k.a drooping of the bladder, uterus, vagina, etc).  But,Continue reading “My home practice…The Squat”

My home practice: Having a dog is a lot like yoga

Last fall, we adopted a dog.  I’ve always wanted to have a dog and after fostering one a few years ago, we made the decision to walk into the North Shore Animal League on Long Island and we walked out with Lui.  In the harsh winter months since we got him, I have realized that having aContinue reading “My home practice: Having a dog is a lot like yoga”

My home practice…not very bendy

So…I had some photos taken yesterday at Lululemon Athletica Manhasset sporting their new line of yoga gear.  The photos will be used for product notifications throughout the month.  I’ll also be teaching a few of their free Sunday classes in December along with other teachers from Vitality.  Fun stuff! What occurred to me as I was onContinue reading “My home practice…not very bendy”

My home practice…once upon a headstand

My first real yoga “injury” happened earlier this year in a headstand (sirsasana I). I had just started practicing the posture in the middle of the room, so when my teacher cued the pose in class, I was excited for more practice.  I was a few breaths in when I lost my balance and almostContinue reading “My home practice…once upon a headstand”

My home practice…Letting go

I am inspired by this beautiful Mark Twain quote, that I just heard Wayne Dyer use, to take a look at forgiveness.  Recently, I chose to forgive someone that had been the object of a lot of my anger for a long time.  I foolishly convinced myself that my “grudge” was justified and not affecting me inContinue reading “My home practice…Letting go”

My home practice…Surrender expectations, Embrace uncertainty

I recently read a friend’s amazing blog post that was a total game changer for me, my life, and my relationships.  I immediately knew, while reading the post, that it could mean the end of much, if not all, of the suffering and drama in my life.  I am compelled to share this simple mantra that I believeContinue reading “My home practice…Surrender expectations, Embrace uncertainty”

My home practice…Flight School

I walked into Flight School with Raghunath at Living Yoga yesterday with two feet solidly on the ground and within, literally, minutes I was upside down in an assisted Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand) and learning some arm balance transitions that made me feel like I was breakdancing. Raghunath is professor of flight, and Flight School is his famously popularContinue reading “My home practice…Flight School”