My home practice: Having a dog is a lot like yoga

Last fall, we adopted a dog.  I’ve always wanted to have a dog and after fostering one a few years ago, we made the decision to walk into the North Shore Animal League on Long Island and we walked out with Lui.  In the harsh winter months since we got him, I have realized that having aContinue reading “My home practice: Having a dog is a lot like yoga”

What I’m teaching…The blessing in the struggle

Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. Confucius When we face challenges in life, we become more grateful and humble human beings.  When it takes time, practice, or patience to accomplish a goal or to get what you want, finally getting there is so much sweeter and we are so much more thankful forContinue reading “What I’m teaching…The blessing in the struggle”

What I’m teaching…Viparyaya

viparyaya विपर्यय reversed, inverted, perverse, contrary to, unreal cognition, indiscrimination, perverse cognition, wrong knowledge, misconception, incorrect knowing, not seeing clearly Sutra 1.8  mithyajnanam atadrupa pratistham- Misconception occurs when knowledge of something is not based upon its true form. I was walking my dog last night. It was dark. We approached a mountainous pile of leaf-filled garbage bags.  Continue reading “What I’m teaching…Viparyaya”

What I’m teaching…Reactions are Teachers

re·ac·tion We don’t really have experiences in life. We have reactions to experiences. Things don’t happen to us. Things happen in and of themselves, and what we do is react to them. It’s not the existence of standstill traffic that effects us, because if it’s happening, say across town and we don’t know about it,Continue reading “What I’m teaching…Reactions are Teachers”

Happy Mother’s Day!

What are you getting your Mother for Mother’s Day? Today is Earth Day.  Mother Earth’s Mother’s Day.  To learn a bit more about the history of this day, click here.  This year’s theme for Earth Day is “The Face of Climate Change” .  Earth Day Network is posting photos on their website displaying individuals affected byContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”