Bliss BABY!!!

I’ve had the pleasure to care for countless expectant and new mommies and their babies for over a decade as a registered nurse working obstetrics in hospitals and homecare..and now it’s my turn. I’m so grateful to be 5 1/2 months pregnant! I’ve been blessed with a wonderful pregnancy so far and despite the common minor discomforts of course, I have felt great! We’ve been tracking the size of the baby through the produce department, from blueberry to kiwi to mango to cantaloupe (love those What to Expect weekly updates and development videos…this week, the uterine cafe is hosting a spaghetti squash!), focusing on eating organic and eliminating toxins from our home and environment, and I’ve been allowing my yoga practice to take me wherever my body and mind have requested (which has sometimes been to a long hold in child’s pose or legs up the wall-particularly during the first trimester).  I really credit my yoga practice for keeping me comfortable, grounded and feeling my best.  Naturally, my mind has been occupied with all things baby- from creating the most healthy environment for my baby to thoughts on labor, birth, breastfeeding, and new mommy-hood. So the focus of my writing on this blog will be shifting along with me.  Please suggest the blog to anyone you know who may be interested!  I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but will be posting about things I love to think and learn about and everything that connects them! 

yoga preg



2 thoughts on “Bliss BABY!!!

  1. I know exactly who to tell about your blog – someone who first introduced me to yoga and is now pregnant. Great idea! Keep enjoying every moment of your pregnancy. It is a joyous time.

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