Yoga media…

Yoga Dork recently posted the trailer for the latest of the many yoga documentaries and it got me thinking…yoga and the media.   Not sure how I feel.  While I’ve learned a lot about yoga’s history and evolution and was exposed to many styles, traditions and teachers through watching these films…I am still undecided as to the impact they have on society’s understanding and perception of the practice that is so personal to me…or even it if matters?  Yoga is big business and currently extremely trendy, stylish  and “cool”. All of these movies prove and contribute to that.  And all of that attention=money.  And all of that money=power.  Too much power can go to your head, be taken advantage of, and result in harm…even for yogis.

I just want the practice to remain pure.

Here are a few trailers…food for thought.  What are your thoughts on yoga and the media?

Yoga, Inc.: A Journey Through the Big Business of Yoga


The world needs yoga. This stuff is powerful and intense. It has the power to harm when held tightly, studied without practice, and posed rigidly. Done right, it also has the ability to heal and cure.

Tara Stiles from the Huffington Post


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