David Swenson says…

Each practice session is a journey.  Endeavor to move with awareness and enjoy the experience.  Allow it to unfold as a flower opens.  There is no benefit in hurrying.  Yoga grows with time.  Some days are easy and the mind is calm and the physical body is light and responsive.  Other days you may find that the mind is running wild and the body feels like wet cement.  We must breathe deeply and remain detached.  Asanas are not the goal.  They are a vehicle to access a deeper internal awareness.  Create a practice that best suits your personal needs so that it is something that you look forward to.

Yoga is a place of refuge and a soothing balm for the stresses of modern life.  Within each practice find ways to refine your existing understanding so that you continue to grow.  Rather than simply moving from asana to asana, FEEL that action from deep within.  Listen to your breath.  Can you ride the breath like a bird on a breeze?  Where is the mind?  Can you maintain your focus and remain calm even when approaching a posture that you dread?  Enjoy yourself.  I have never had a practice that I regretted.  Not once have I finished a routine and thought, “Oh, I wish I hadn’t done that.”  But there have been days that I didn’t practice and later I wished I had.

Take a few minutes and spend it with yoga.  The rest of your day will be better.  Yoga is a scenic journey to our deepest spirit.

From Ashtanga Yoga “The Practice Manual”

One thought on “David Swenson says…

  1. I really relate to this post. I’ve been maintaining my practice while feeling like my mind is racing and my body is dragging. But I don’t regret any of these tough days. I enter my yoga studio and try to clear my mind, be calm and open. What David says is true – I always regret the days I don’t go and never regret the days I do. In fact, I feel stronger when I’m able to practice on days that are difficult.

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